Attorneys' fees vary from case to case. However, should you wish to retain our firm and we accept your case, a written retainer agreement will be prepared and explained.

Normally, most cases are accepted on a contingency basis, meaning the attorney fees are only recovered if you recover. Attorneys' fees are separate and distinct from costs. Costs are generally those expenses paid out to third parties on your behalf such as filing fees, depositions, expert witness fees and process servers. Costs also will include long distance calls, photocopies, postage and on-line legal research charges.

Frequently, the attorneys' fees are paid by the other side and although payment is contingent upon recovery, they are not a percent or portion of your recovery, but a sum paid above and beyond your recovery.

Our offices keep track of the time and costs spent on your behalf and we bill at an hourly rate varying from $100.00 per hour for paralegal time to $450.00 for attorney time. Sometimes it is necessary to provide services where the consumer pays a portion of the attorneys' fees and/or costs up front and this fee will vary depending upon the amount of potential recovery or our evaluation of the difficulty of the case.Again, you will know what this amount is before you agree to hire this firm and these expenses are discussed with you at the consultation after our office has had an opportunity to fully review your potential claim.



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